Our Story

Let’s face it, wine culture can be less than
approachable. You’re often faced with industry jargon, hundreds of selections and plenty of pretension. At Vine & Branch, we see things a little differently. We think wine is the perfect way to explore the world, excite your senses and connect with those around you. We focus on a welcoming, carefully curated collection you won’t find in a big-box retailer. We also strive to make the wine-buying experience fun and easy to navigate. We’re all about wine, not pretense. Want to learn more about all things wine? You’ve got it. Love wine and ready to branch out and explore a little more? You’ve come to the right place. Already an expert? We’re going to get along well, my friend. We’re your local resource for good wine and good conversation. Vine & Branch is wine made easy.




Hi there, I am Ally! I have 12+ years of wine experience and a passion that could fill multiple lifetimes. After

working with and buying wine for a local wine store for over the course of a decade, I felt it was time to branch out and add my own take to the wine experience. During those many years, I fell in love with learning everything I could about wine. I soaked up every bit of knowledge reading every book, magazine, and article, listening to hours and hours of wine podcasts and lectures, going to wine portfolio shows, meeting winemakers from all over the world, and of course tasting wine. In addition, I really

got to know my customers and their wine preferences. It was through this that I established myself as a trustworthy source for wine advice. I also developed a passion for finding unique and delicious wines that were also affordable. I pride myself on being able to speak to customers without all the pretentious wine jargon. That said, if someone wants to geek out about wine with me, I’m more than happy!

At Vine & Branch, we have an inviting, easy- going space where customers can learn about wine and not feel intimidated or overwhelmed! I have carefully curated my wine selection and have personalized tasting notes on all of my wines. I’m here to help you find the right wine for any occasion or food pairing, and will make it a fun experience. You can even leave with a new plant friend, too!