Gran Passione 2021 Veneto Rosso 750ml

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Grapes: 40% Corvina, 60% Merlot

Region: IGT Veneto, Italy

Style: Medium-Full bodied. Similar to a Valpolicella

Flavors: Rich & smooth flavors of blackberries, black cherry & fig.

Pairings: roasted and grilled meats, stews and other rich dishes. Also excellent with mature firm cheeses.

Winemaking process: "The late maturation contributes characteristic notes of ripe fruits like plums and raisins. Grape bunch stems are cut 10 days before harvest, partially desiccating the grapes over the period immediately prior to crush, further concentrating flavors while simultaneously encouraging an elevation and concentration of sugars that will fuel the fermentation - this process, known as appasimento, is the same method used to produce Amarone. After a selective hand harvest, grapes are carefully pressed and the fermentation starts at temperatures of about 78° F. Skins are left in the fermenting must for a considerable period to extract flavors and develop the wine’s characteristic deep jewel-like color. Subsequent oak aging develops depth and gives rise to pleasing notes of spice and vanilla."