Hojun Yuzu Sake 720ml

Nigori Sake

Brewery established in 1873.

Yuzu sake made from high quality sake mixed with fresh yuzu juice and a bit of sugar added for balance. Less sweet and more citrusy than many yuzu sake

The yuzu liqueur is brewed with 100% Japanese grown yuzu and utilizes the entire fruit.
To express the unique bitterness of the rind that the freshness of the yuzu, this light nigori-sake is unfiltered and unpasteurized. To extract the optimal aroma and flavor, we brew this liqueur only using yuzu from the current year’s harvest.

keep refrigerated, can stay fresh once open for a month

lemon gelato, freshly squeezed lemonade, limoncello, fruity, super aromatic, juniper and pine, 7up, invigorating, equally delicious and refreshing. sip chilled on its own or over the rocks and or even use a mixer to elevate certain cocktails.