Jewel Orchid

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Growing Conditions

  • Light: In their natural habitat, Ludisias are protected from the sunlight by the thick forest canopy and so are rarely exposed to the sun. So in cultivation, they should be kept in low light conditions to avoid burning their leaf tips.
  • Water: Keep them extremely moist and mist them regularly. Letting these plants dry out is an easy way to kill them.
  • Temperature: Warm tropical temperatures above 50 degrees F. Jewel orchids are not tolerant of frost.
  • Soil: A good orchid potting mix should be fine, ideally one that contains some organic material. Make sure the drainage is good to avoid rotting their roots.
  • Fertilizer: These plants should regularly be fed with a balanced, diluted fertilizer like a 20-20-20. If their blooms are insufficient, then up their feeding.