Poggio Anima 2017 "Asmodeus" Sicilian Nero d'Avola 750ml

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Grape: Nero d'Avola (Organic)

Region: Sicily, Italy

Style: Dry, fuller medium body.

Flavors: Blackberries, plum, herbs, licorice.

I loved this description that I found at wineawesomeness.com :

Plush and generous like the leather seat of an Italian sports car driving through fertile farmlands of dark fruit

 From poggioanima.com :

In the Book of Tobias, an ancient Hebrew text, Asmodeus is the Demon of Lust. It is said that when Cain killed Abel, Adam and Eve separated for 130 years. During this time, Adam was tempted by Naamah and Lillith, two demons of prostitution. Asmodeus is the offspring of the relationship between Naamah and Adam. Of all of the varietals of Italy, Nero d’Avola is as lustful and pleasurable as it gets. Rich, peppery and opulent. It has many of the same characteristics of Syrah and is the most important grape of Sicily.