Strange Collaboration Three Chord 99 Proof Bourbon 750ml

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Strange Collaboration is a blend of Kentucky Straight bourbon (aged between 2-6 yrs.), selected for low fusel oil content and light body, finished for 3 months in Strange Family French Oak pinot noir casks, and bottled at 99 proof. The result is a unique expression of bourbon — high-proof, light body with a hint of pinot noir on the nose and finish. Perfect to be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.

Tasting notes: Complex red fruit on the nose. Cherry, currant, fresh strawberries & raspberries. Flavor starts with notes of Pinot Noir, followed by oak, spice and vanilla.


75% Corn / 21% Rye / 4% Malted Barley


Clear and rich, glaze doughnut color.


Fresh corn sweetness with hints of cherry, raspberry and plum.


Our Pinot Noir finished Kentucky straight bourbon is fresh and complex. Sweet with a light caramel, vanilla character and hints of clove and black fruit.


Silky mouth feel, subtle Pinot Noir notes and a mild hug.