Terres Dorees " Le Ronsey " 2022 Beaujolais 750ml

Grape: Gamay

Region: Beaujolais, France (right outside of Cru Beaujolais)

Winemaking: Organic, Biodynamic, Minimal Intervention. No carbonic maceration. 

Winemaker notes:

Le Ronsay is a single vineyard planted with 20 year old Gamay vines. This cuvee from Jean Paul Brun is aged in concrete tanks and is all about expressing the youthful primary fruit of the Gamay grape. It is produced using wild yeast so maintains its individuality, unlike so many mass produced Beaujolais, which taste mostly of bananas and bubble-gum. Incredible raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruits on the nose that follow through on the palate. It has great charm and is Beaujolais at its best.

Jean-Paul is a very traditional winemaker who makes food-friendly wines of serious note at Domaine Terres Dorees. There is great complexity and concentration, along with the juicy fruit associated with Beaujolais, in his wines. He achieves this with minimum intervention and steers clear of manipulating the wines via carbon maceration, thermo-vinification and yeast inoculation which have become the norm in Beaujolais. He also believes his wines taste better at lower alcohol levels so does not add extra sugar (chapitalise) to raise alcohol levels.